All-in-one Finance Regulatory Solution

Financial Services

yonyou financial sector solution targets financial service providers, including FinTech, making more possible with your trusted ERP services provider.

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Why choose yonyou financial services solution?

Fulfil CN-HK financial regulation

yonyou helps you meet the financial regulation of your cross-border business

Generate reports including

  • FRR (Securities and Futures Commission)
  • 1104 (China Banking Regulatory Commission)
  • LCR & NSFR (China Securities Regulatory Commission)  etc.
  • IFRS16

Get the in-depth financial insights

yonyou provides a unified platform that integrated with business flows to provide an automated financial management service

Supprt budget & liquidity management. Integrated with the trading system
Accounting Automation
Take over the routine tasks by building algorithms, and reducing manual work

Keep your employee engaged

yonyou attach high importance to R&D and perfect our products and services continuously.
Interact with current and potential customers; shared portfolios with your colleague
Human Resources
Tailor your HCM solution with payroll, appraisal, knowledge management and more.
Office Automation
Provide collaborative work, approval flow management and more

How yonyou fits your business activities?

Security & Fund

Financial analysis: record, store and analyze data to better estimate the risks and understand customer behaviours

Financial shared centre: centralise some of the repetitive transactional routine and deliver an integrated and independent service delivery platform

Access management: set authority on investment product and capital ceiling; monitor every transaction of the trader


Fund transfer pricing: collect interest from and defray interest to the funding department in a manageable way

Profit analysis: specify the results of each operation unit; support different marketing strategy in an organization

Economic capital: record the amount of capital that a company needs to survive any risks that it takes for each operation unit

Assets & Liabilities: establish an effective assets and liability management system that combines the best industrial practise and fits the interest rate market


Performance management: evaluate and analysize the performance of each insurer; support the employee promotion process

Expense management: standardise the expenses submission and approval process; enhance operational efficiency and accuracy

Capital management: monitor the capital flow; maintain company stability

Strengthen the control capability with FSSC

The accounting functions and reporting of all the subsidiaries are performed by Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC), reinforcing the group financial control.

Get a better grasp of business with analytics

yonyou cloud platform offers a one-stop service in data handling, which records, stores and analyzes data to better estimate the risks and understand customer behaviours.


About yonyou

We provide world-class ERP and cloud services and solutions to many industries in China and other countries in Asia Pacific.


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Headquartered in Beijing, Yonyou Network Co., Ltd. (“Yonyou”, in Chinese, “用友”) was founded in 1988 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001 (SSE: 600588).