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▸  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Open and interconnected, yonyou’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system helps enterprises to maintain real-time control of resources, such as accounting & finance, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, and collaboration.

▸  Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Demand & Supply Planning|Sourcing & Procurement|Planning & Production|Sales & Shipping|Warehousing & Tracking

▸  Procurement Planning

Supplier Management|Strategic Sourcing|Requisitioning|Procure-to-pay

▸  Human Resource Management (HRM)

Employee Contract Management|Attendance & Leave|Payroll|Employee Self-service

▸  Office Automation (OA)

E-form|Approval Flow|Collaborative Work|Culture Building


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We provide world-class ERP and cloud services and solutions to many industries in China and other countries in Asia Pacific.


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Extended Solutions

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Extended Solutions

FMS – Financial Management

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FMS – Financial Management

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Headquartered in Beijing, Yonyou Network Co., Ltd. (“Yonyou”, in Chinese, “用友”) was founded in 1988 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001 (SSE: 600588).