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Yonyou managerial accounting solution includes enterprise strategic planning, overall budget management, cost management, management accounting, enterprise performance management, economic benefit analysis, etc. It is the most effective tool for the integration of enterprise strategy, business and finance.

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Managerial accounting

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Improve economic efficiency of enterprises

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Yonyou managerial accounting solution is comprised of responsibility accounting and cost accounting solutions. The responsibility accounting solution supports the confirmation of internal transactions between profit centres, and the calculation of inventory costs etc. It is a  complete solution including cost, responsibility accounting and performance assessment. The cost management solution provides a comprehensive solution for cost accounting of manufacturing enterprises.

How can Yonyou help with your business needs?

Provides insights into your business

  • EIntegrate with budget management
  • EAutomated data collection
  • EIntegration of business and finance
  • EFlexible allocation among profit centers
  • EFinancial reporting
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Features for greater efficiency

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Cost Estimation

Multiple sets of costs can be estimated based on different management objectives to provide a basis for analysis or decision-making.

Product costing

Calculate and analyze the cost of production with the actual cost method.

Cost Center Accounting

Under the standard cost system, the collection, allocation and  analysis of indirect costs are carried out. It can also integrate with the production costing.

Standard Costing

The cost of manufacturing is calculated with the standard cost method

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Responsibility Accounting

Separate reporting of revenues and expenses for each profit center according to the internal performance management requirements.

Solution architecture

The architecture of the managerial accounting solution

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